2024 Colour Trends
From Barbie pink to warm neutrals, 2023 saw a playful resurgence of primary colours, and a familiar adherence to classic palettes. In 2024, we’re looking ahead to the sea of soft pinks, heather greys and teal blues to come. In this blog, we’re diving into the top colour trends of 2024, with a touch of historical context in the mix. Read on to learn how you can incorporate trendy (and timeless) colours into the home.

The Mond Collection brings a colourful, modern twist to this minimalist space

Colour Theory

For some helpful insight, we’re dabbling in colour theory! Check out this handy graphic below, that can be used as a reference guide while you’re shopping for paint chips, or searching for inspiration.

While there are some simple rules to colour theory that can make navigating trends and patterns easier, it’s important to let yourself play and experiment when it comes to creative colour choices. One basic rule of colour theory that’s helpful to keep in mind is the 60-30-10 rule, which breaks down the percentage that you should use primary, secondary and tertiary colours, respectively.

The History of Colour in Design

We won’t bore you with the nitty gritty details of the history of colour in design (this isn’t college!) but we will provide some easy-to-digest, fast facts for your reference.
Fun Fact #1) Did you know that the first colour wheel was brought forth by Isaac Newton in the 1600s? Having discovered the spectrum of light (no big deal), Sir Isaac Newton drafted the first colour wheel.

Fun Fact #2) Artists invented the first colour pigments 40,000 years ago, using a combination of soil, charcoal, chalk and animal fat. With these materials, they were able to create brown, black, white, yellow and red. 

Fun Fact #3) You can thank the Industrial Revolution for the categorization of colours and colour naming (we’re looking at you, “Fire Engine Red” lipstick). This era of booming industry led to standardized colour naming. 

With this context in mind, we’re speeding ahead into the future to look at the top colour trends for 2024. 

Colour Predictions for 2024

2024 will see similar trends to 2023 – with a few key twists. From organic, earthy neutrals to rich blue hues, dive into the categories of colour trends below!

The Star of the Show

Peach Fuzz is a soft, peachy hue that will be all over in 2024

Introducing 2024’s Pantone colour of the year: Peach Fuzz. This fruity shade will be all over in the months to come. A sunset-esque blend of rich pinks and oranges, it’s a sunny, summer shade that will brighten up any living space. 

The peachy shades available in our newest Mond Collection, with colours ranging from Orange Burst to Blush Pink, embody the softness of Peach Fuzz’s sweet hue.

A look at some shades of Mond

Earthy Tones

Earthy tones, like burnt terracotta oranges reminiscent of a desertscape, and deep forest greens will be popular in the coming year.

As seen in 

Moody Blues

As seen in 

Shades of blue, from violet to aqua, sea-foam greens, will be a cornerstone of 2024’s colour trends. 

Vogt’s Mond collection, with shades from Azure to Midnight Blue, offers a serene variety of blue handle options to choose from for easy customization. The beauty of the Mond Collection lies in its variety, giving you the effortless ability to cater to your creative vision - from selecting colours based on timely trends to seasonal shades.

The Mond Collection’s pop of blue colour adds a bright punch of personality to this modern, minimalist space]

Embrace the Dark Side

Expect to see rich shades of chocolate brown gracing the pages of interior design magazines and the walls of chic homes in the coming year. High contrast, dark hues will be popular – and Vogt is already ahead of the curve. With Vogt’s dual-toned colour combinations, like matte black and brushed gold, you can easily incorporate striking tones that will elevate any home space.

Matte black and brushed gold pair beautifully together in this modern bathroom - thank you to Holmes Family Rescue for the image!


Pastel greens, pinks and blues will be popular this year, creating a soothing, calming effect. The Mond Collection offers a variety of pastel colour options – don’t believe us? See for yourself!

From soft hues to bright, bold shades, 2024’s trending colours will spice up your space and add a timeless touch of sophistication to the atmosphere. For more home design inspiration, follow Vogt’s socials!

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