Gold Faucets For Your Kitchen and Bathroom
Vogt Steps into the Golden Era

Like fashion, home design trends are cyclical, and we often see looks from the past come back into style. A quick Google of the term "Mid Century Modern" gives you a perfect example of this. One of the latest trends in luxury kitchens and bathrooms is gold fittings, and we couldn't be more excited. Gold fixtures have made a comeback with a modern twist. While some people think brushed gold is just a matte version of polished brass, some key differences make brushed gold outshine the dated yellow metal. Unlike polished brass, brushed gold has a natural brilliance and pairs well with a variety of finish combinations, as seen in our dual-tone fixtures.

We are entering a new golden age of luxury faucets and fittings, and Vogt is setting the gold standard when it comes to stunning designs and unparalleled quality. Vogt launched a VIP unveiling party dedicated to their brushed gold finish in their new 5,000 sqft showroom to ring in the golden era, where some of the industry's top designers and decorators were in attendance. Just when you though their Zehn, Drava, Kapfenberg and Worgl collections could not get any more beautiful, their guest got a sneak peek of the collections with their golden makeover at the unveiling. With their modern elements and stunning designs, we are pleased to release our most popular collections in brushed gold, just in time for summer.

With a contemporary home design reflecting modern tastes, we see a shift from standard white to contrasting high gloss and matte black in kitchens and bathroom designs. Incorporating brushed gold fixtures and fittings in these designs adds glam without being gaudy. One of the best parts about their new gold finish is its versatility. While cabinet hardware typically matches fixtures and fittings, gold goes well with mixed metals. Brushed gold and matte black complement each other, and are a winning combo for both the kitchen and bathroom.

How to introduce gold-finished fixtures and fixings into your home:

Our brushed gold finish is truly unique, and incorporating brushed gold into our most popular collections allow you to match your new faucets to your modern, minimalistic, or classic home décor. While finishes are an essential part of any of our collections, we communicate aesthetics in other ways as well. Our Zehn collection puts a contemporary twist on traditional design with its intricacy, making it more suitable for traditional styling. Drava makes a bold modern statement drawing design inspiration from industrialism and minimalism.

This summer, our Kapfenberg shower systems will also be available in a striking gold finish for the ultimate in luxury bathrooms. As more people transform their primary bathrooms into home spas, gold bathroom fittings are finding themselves as the starting point for the new designs, representing the epitome of modern luxury.

Not only are brushed gold finishes aesthetically pleasing, they are also relatively easy to maintain,  because of brushed golds inherent brilliance, it resist spots. Clean your Vogt gold fixtures with a soft cloth after each use, this will prevent mineral build up. For deeper cleaning, a basic and gentle cleaning solution for gold bathroom faucets and other fixtures is, one part white vinegar to three parts water. Fill a spray bottle with the solution and spray your faucet or fixtures. Then, using a soft damp cloth, wipe it clean. Buff it with a clean, dry cloth until all water is removed and the fixture is shinning and bright. We do not recommend using any abrasive cleaners or scouring pads. Although our faucets are durable, repeated scouring can leave scratches, making your gold fixtures duller over time.

Gold is a hue that adds a dash of glam, immediately making any space more luxurious. With Vogt's most popular collections, now in gold finishes, you can finally complete the luxury kitchen or bathroom of your dreams.

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