2024 Home Design Trends

2024 is teeming with fresh design ideas that are guaranteed to inspire creativity when it comes to sprucing up your interiors. By reflecting on 2023’s top design trends, we’re able to contextualize coming trends – and we’re spilling the invaluable perspective of a trusted industry expert, with handy tips for how you can implement the year’s top trends into the home. Read more below!

The Mond Collection stands out in this modern kitchen that screams 2024

Notable Trends from 2023

Our journey begins with a reflection on 2023. We’ve included a (throwback!) excerpt from our 2023 trend predictions piece below, from the archives. 

The Trends to Watch for in 2023: 

According to Amanda Shields, the designer behind Amanda Shields Interiors in Newmarket, Ontario, who has been featured in Canadian Home Trends and Reno & Decor magazines, we’ll be bringing the outside in in 2023. 

Organic Elements and Shapes: 

Natural curves and shapes will be featured heavily in home design, organically integrating the rolling landscapes and flowing structures of the outdoors into the home. Marble, wood and other natural elements will also add to the peaceful tranquillity that designers and homeowners alike will seek in the new year. 

After the stress of the past few years, there’s been a shift towards making the home (particularly the bathroom) a spa-like sanctuary - a warm, soft space that cocoons you at the end of a long day out in the world. Shields emphasised that incorporating natural elements and shapes into your space aligns your home with the peace and serenity of being in nature. 

Our WÖRGL 2-Way Exposed Thermostatic Shower Set perfectly embodies this spa-like serenity, with its long, elegant tree-branch angled neck and softly round shape, it’s an ideal naturalistic addition to your bathroom sanctuary.

Warm Colours, Natural Tones: 

Ketty Khuong, the Creative Director of Kē Design Collective, a boutique design firm based in Markham, echoed Shield’s predictions for the top design trends of 2023. Airy, spa-like spaces will be decidedly In, evoking calm and moody feelings. Natural tones and textures, like White Oak floors and creamy beige paint, work together to soften the home’s interior, away from the bright fluorescents and grey city rush of modern life. 

Bringing ‘60 Back: 

Khuong noted that vintage accents will be trending as well. Consider the traditional lamp in this Vogt-decked out bathroom as a source of inspiration for how to incorporate vintage touches into your modern space.

1960’s, emerald green powder room aesthetics are back - music to any vintage lover's ears (and green kitchens will see a resurgence this year as well). Rhonda Arbuckle, an interior designer for Accents 4 Living, highlighted the eco-conscious angle to adding antique features to your space - by repurposing once-loved pieces from days gone by, you eliminate the need to purchase something new. Arbuckle described the customizations that modern home design offers. From widespread faucets to custom vanities (like our stunning Vogranite sinks) with beautiful lighting, the powder room will be a sanctuary of sophistication. 

Beatific lighting will be featured in the kitchen as well, with layered lighting elements abound. Lighting over islands and wall sconces will be trending, making your space feel cozy and liveable. 

Designer Tips for 2024

It’s time to bring in the experts! We asked trusted industry leaders Jennifer Simon, of Jennifer Simon Design, and Dallas Millburn, of Dallas Millburn Designs, to explore the evolution of interior design from 2023 to 2024. Below, we’re sharing their insights and reflections (these interviews have been edited and compiled together for the sake of this article).

Vogt: Are there any notable trends from 2023 that you see carrying through to 2024? Are there any trends that you are happy to leave in the past?

Jennifer: A few notable trends from 2023 that I see carrying through to 2024:

Sustainability: It’s wonderful to see the design world embracing sustainability. I think (and hope) consumers and designers alike will continue to place importance on sustainable building practices and design. I’m always seeking products that are sourced sustainably and designed to last rather than end up in a landfill in a few short years, as well as searching for creative ways to reuse materials like reclaimed woods and stone to reduce the environmental impact of our projects.

Vogt’s signature Vogranite sink is sleek - and sustainably made.

Offices designed as an extension of home: We are all transitioning back to more and more in-office workdays, and office design has begun to take note of the creature comforts of home as a way to lure workers back in and give them spaces that they not only feel relaxed in, but also are excited about and proud to share on social media. As The New York Times recently reported: "It’s what might be called the Envy Office — what happens when companies try to combine the comforts of a living room and the glamour of a vacation. These spaces — often characterized by colourful walls, upholstered furniture and carefully curated coffee table books — lure workers in with plenty of opportunities to fill their social feeds with photos taken at the workplace.” 

As seen in Architectural Digest, this gorgeous home office celebrates woodworking and carpentry with its beautiful design

Handmade/Craftmanship in design:  As our world becomes more and more digitized and AI continues to make waves across all kinds of industries, I have seen a greater appreciation for handmade goods and objects that show the work of an artisan or craftsperson’s unique hand. I love to use products like hand-blocked fabrics and wallpapers in my work as well as custom pieces upholstered by skilled tradespeople and case goods built by talented carpenters and woodworkers. 

The Dornbirn faucet and Bludenz 16R sink add chic modernity to this warm, welcoming kitchen. Thank you to Dallas Milburn for the image!

Dallas: All white kitchens.. This is one that can be left in the past, I for one am here for the break of colour and wood tones! As clean as the all white kitchens or bathrooms look, they give a very clinical and cold feel. (See photo [above] with Dornbirn faucet and Bludenz 16R Sink) Although white kitchens don't get tiresome I love that people are becoming more daring, and that we are seeing more bold colours coming into the kitchen and bathrooms for 2024. 

The Mond Collection: proving that subtle pops of colour are just as effective as dramatic back splashes

Vogt: In your experience, how have consumer preferences in kitchen and bathroom design evolved over the past year, and how is this shaping the trends for 2024? What trends do you think will be most popular in 2024?

Jennifer: Natural Materials: I think design for both kitchens and bathrooms are focusing more on natural materials that will patina and age over time. Quartz and porcelain certainly still have many fans, but I think many designers are turning back to the classic, timeless appeal of materials like marble and wood. I’m in the midst of renovating my own ensuite bathroom and marble plays a key role in the design.

British Style: Classic British style in colour palettes and cabinetry has also been having a moment and I don’t expect it to wane anytime soon. Boldness in pattern and colour mixing speaks to the charm and coziness of the English countryside and I think is heavily influenced by the popularity of companies like Devol Kitchens. I recently designed a custom vanity with a bespoke European feel. 

Mixed metals: Designers have been mixing metal finishes for a while now but I think consumers in 2023 have been delving more confidently into different metal finishes on faucets, lighting and hardware. These finishes are not uniform but instead carefully curated and layered for an individual and personalized look. I see this continuing throughout 2024 and beyond. 

Eclectic design:  I’m always looking for those special one-off pieces to add a bit of quirk and personality to my clients’ spaces and I think that products and materials that allow for customization and personal expression is a trend that is not going anywhere any time soon.

Dallas: As 2023 comes to an end, we are seeing more and more use of stone material and the many designs you can do with it. Whether you are playing with the different thickness of the stone, changing up the countertop edging or covering an entire surface with it - stone is making a statement and I look forward to seeing more use of dramatic stone!

This dramatic use of stone makes a bold statement, as seen on 

Vogt: Are there any design styles, details or aesthetics that aren’t trending that you would love to see become more popular? 

Dallas: Personally I would like to see more of a traditional aesthetic in 2024, seeing the true craftsmanship in cabinetry come through and following more of a Spanish inspired look. Focusing on the smaller details like corbels, decorative legs / pots, faucets and hardware - these are the subtle nuances that can really pull together a space! 

Thank you, Jennifer and Dallas, for providing your perspectives! You can follow Jennifer here, and Dallas here.

Consider the Following (Easy Additions)

When it comes to keeping up with 2024’s hottest trends, there are a few easy swaps that you can make to spruce up your space. 

Looking to be more sustainable? Opt for eco-friendly sinks, like Vogt’s (stylish) Vogranite options, where luxury meets sustainability. Find the perfect premium sink for your space, featuring optimal sizes that are durable, eco-friendly, and low-maintenance with anti-fading finishes.

Want to make your space more high-tech and efficient? Consider adding aesthetic (and helpful!) additions like Vogt’s Drau Workstation, an all-in-one culinary tool that will make kitchen tasks, from meal prep to clean-up, a breeze.

The Drau Workstation is a modern addition that will streamline your space

Whether you’re looking for a subtle update or a bold transformation, gathering  inspiration from 2024’s home design trends can help to guide you in the right direction. For more inspiring design ideas, follow Vogt’s socials!

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