How to Maximize Kitchen Cabinet Space

[The Mond line shines in this modern kitchen space].

 Maximizing kitchen cabinet space is essential for an easy-to-navigate kitchen. Whether you’re mapping out a kitchen reno and are keeping cabinetry in mind, or you’re looking to clean up your current set up, this blog is the guide for you.

Dive in as we break down our top tips (with some guidance from The New York Times’ ) on how to make the most of your cabinet space with efficient organization. 

Choose Quality Essentials over Quantity

In order to make the most of the kitchen’s cabinet space, you need to prioritize the essentials (and opt for quality over quantity). Consider adopting a minimalist approach by getting rid of non-essential items, so you can declutter and prioritize high-quality fixtures and kitchen tools. 

Enter Vogt's Drau workstation – an ingenious (if we do say so ourselves) multi-purpose workstation that will help clear up valuable counter space, giving you more room for frequently used appliances, like stand mixers, blenders, the toaster etc.

[The Drau Workstation is the kitchen addition you didn’t know you can’t live without].

Think Outside the Box

When it comes to making the most of kitchen cabinet storage, think vertically! You can work with wall space to re-organize kitchen items based on their importance (and how frequently you use them). Like we mentioned earlier, it can be useful to keep the items that you rely on daily within reach, while cans of beans or less-frequently used pantry items can be kept in the back of the cabinet. 

Use open shelving for the items that you want to display, as seen here. 

 A pro tip: customize the kitchen with strategically-placed hooks and shelves to open up storage space. For instance, individually hanging pots that were previously clustered in the back of a cabinet can simplify the kitchen’s layout for more efficient cooking. When it comes to the interior of the cabinet, you can add accessories like plate racks, shelf risers and rollout shelves to add more storage space. And these organizational items don’t have to be unfashionable, dollar-store finds. While this line was designed for the bathroom, organization refreshing calls for creative thinking. Adding  Vogt's towel racks to the kitchen can add a chic touch to the kitchen, replacing (dare we say, crusty) lesser-quality paper towel holders, storage racks and bars. 

[Here’s an example of a Vogt towel rack in the kitchen!]


Making the most of kitchen cabinet storage also includes the less-attractive items that need to be within easy reach, like the compost, cleaning supplies and trash bags. Luckily for you, Vogt's sinks are thoughtfully designed to offer maximum storage, with pipes positioned at the back of the sink to optimize under-sink space – perfect for storing un-aesthetic essentials in the front. An over-the door towel bar is a great option for hanging cleaning supplies!

For items that you do want to store within eyesight, consider adding rails or hooks to the sides of cabinets for hanging utensils, oven mitts and other kitchen accessories. This will make the kitchen feel like an Ina Garten cooking show backdrop rather than a messy, disorganized area! We love Apartment Therapy's innovative kitchen cabinet tips for organization (and their YouTube channel makes for a fun home-organization watch!)

Have Fun with Aesthetics

A well-organized kitchen is easy on the eye – one of the many perks of making the most of your cabinet space! To make your storage situation more of an aesthetic set up, curate little corners, like a cute coffee set up with clear jars in the cabinet of your favourite beans. You can also take the doors off of some of the cabinets (maybe the ones where pretty plates or mugs are displayed) for a clean, aesthetic look. 

When it comes to cleaning up your existing space, it’s important to focus on what does not look clean and aesthetic. There’s nothing less aesthetic than a matted, tangled bunch of wires strewn about, with multiple phones plugged into outlets. You can take advantage of cabinet space when it comes to cleaning up tech accessories. Add a built-in docking drawer with multiple outlets for easy charging in your kitchen cabinets – and keep them shallow so everything is within eyesight.

[Take a look at this charging drawer from Rev-a-Shelf for example!] 

 By prioritizing essentials, implementing creative storage solutions and considering aesthetics, you can transform your kitchen into a functional and beautiful space. All it takes is a dash of creative thinking, a pinch of productivity and a fantastic kitchen fixture and accessory retailer. Consider Vogt your one-stop shop for sleek, chic and practical kitchenware! To find a Vogt retailer near you, browse the store locator on our website: 

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