Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2024
With the new year fast approaching, we’re looking ahead to all of the upcoming interior design trends that will grace the pages of stunning magazine spreads and splash across the artful walls of aspirational homes. In this blog, we’ll be breaking down the top kitchen design trends for 2024, providing inspiration for your new year design dreams. What sets the trends of the new year apart is that they aren’t fleeting, style-cycle trends that come and go (for example, we aren’t going to suggest that you use ribbons and bows in your kitchen decor plans - although you could). Instead, we’re focusing on design trends that are timeless and timely- modern, of the moment kitchen features that will enhance any space for years to come. 

“In 2024, the ‘joy of living’ is high on the priority list for design.”
Trend Forecast: The Kitchen as the Heart of the Home

[The classic style of the Carinthia collection perfectly suits a warm, open kitchen]. 

In 2024, as we move further and further away from isolated, pandemic days, we’re looking forward to more dinner parties, book clubs hosted at home, movie nights and other gatherings where friends and family can come together under one roof. This brings us to a top design trend that we’re anticipating in the new year: the kitchen as the centre stage of the home. The kitchen isn’t just for cooking, it’s for charging your phone and chatting to family over snacks at the island, spreading an art project out over the dining room table and getting creative, listening to music and dancing around. The kitchen isn’t a perfect, disinfected magazine spread: it’s a place for living, where you can move around comfortably with loved ones, chopping side by side and having long conversations. 

Calling the Designer Hotline

And speaking of long conversations, we spoke to two top interior designers about their trend predictions for the new year. Below, we’re spilling all of their insights just in time for home renovation season (ie, the same time of year that you decide to finally tackle cleaning out the junk drawer, and download Duolingo to brush up on your French). The new year is the perfect time to freshen up any home space – and who better to give advice on what trends to take up (and the trends to avoid) in 2024 than two visionary interior designers? 
We spoke to Nicole Tetelbaun, Principal Designer of Nicole Erin Design, and Jasmine Koblik, Principal Lead Designer of Otis Interiors, in separate conversations that have been condensed for the sake of this article. Below, we’re dishing on all of their insightful, creative visions for the new year!

Jasmine’s warm interiors reflect the welcoming neutrality of 2024’s trendiest shades

Vogt: Which kitchen design trends do you think will be most popular in 2024? What trends are you most looking forward to seeing and why?

Nicole: Each design style exhibits distinctive characteristics, empowering designers to tailor choices based on preferences and the overarching theme of the home. Observing the successful evolution from traditional to more modern aesthetics, it’s apparent that kitchen design trends are gravitating towards a minimalist approach in 2024. This embraces a natural and clean aesthetic, incorporating elements like stone, wood, and soft earthy tones, heightened by abundant natural light. The simplicity is not just aesthetically pleasing but also timeless. While the facade projects simplicity, I am particularly eager about the meticulous organizational details within cabinets—a trend that I anticipate with enthusiasm. Everything in the kitchen has a designated purpose and place, creating an organized chaos that accommodates the abundance of items. Nothing beats satisfactory like an organized pantry. 

Jasmine: Warmer neutrals will reign strong; putty, warm whites, off whites and darker stain colours are making a comeback. Blues and greens will still be dominant colours in design palettes. Natural stone is making moves right now and people are embracing the perfectly imperfect look that will patina gracefully as it ages. If you don’t want the high cost and high maintenance of natural stone for your primary countertops, consider how to work in this look in a smaller scale for some interest instead (example: the backsplash of a coffee nook).

Decorative integrated hoods (we do them on 95% of our projects and you can get really creative with them by using different materials and playing with shapes and different scales to create impact.

Vogt: What trends from 2023 are you happy to leave in the past?

Nicole: In 2023, a notable trend was the blending of metals, a delicate balance between beauty and potential misalignment. While each metal possesses individual allure, combining the same metal with varied finishes, can lead to competition rather than harmony. Despite the ongoing presence of this trend, I am open to leaving it behind if the right opportunity arises.

Jasmine: Patterned tiles, as I feel that some patterns are starting to feel dated. It’s a tricky slope. Some pattern[s] still feel relevant and timeless. I think you just have to choose wisely, and balance the overall look to strike the right balance. 

Blue islands - [I] would love to encourage people to go bold and use more colour in their kitchens overall[, really] commit to more colour. Colour does not have to mean bold, it can be muted and beautiful as a soft colour which feels more liveable over time.

Caged lights as accent lighting - I think I’m over them!

I’m still loving zellige tiles, checkerboards, curved silhouettes and arches. Many of these have been around for a long time so I still feel that there is a place for them.

Vogt: Are there any design styles, details or aesthetics that aren’t trending that you would love to see become more popular?

Nicole: Personally, I’m particularly excited about the emerging trend of transitional kitchens, a fusion of traditional and contemporary styles that delivers a harmonious and adaptable look. It seems to be a trend in Europe but hasn't gained as much popularity here in Canada. This style accentuates eclectic textures and patterns, elevating typical modernism. It courageously integrates bold colours, organic shapes, and natural textures, taking the marriage of old and new to new heights.

Jasmine: Pushing beyond shaker style cabinet profiles - millwork can be truly transformative. Simple details executed really well is the difference between good and great design. For example, islands and peninsulas are getting more detailed [than] ever before. They feel like furniture in a room and give an elevated look by using texture and applied mouldings to make a statement.

Jasmine’s other top tips for 2024: 

Moving to microwave drawers in kitchens[,] as they are more ergonomic.

Mixing multiple materials and finishes in a kitchen to make it feel layered and interesting. There is magic in the mix. We are working on a kitchen (coming in early 2024) where we have three different cabinet colours and two different countertops mixed together to create layers that feel connected yet invite you in and make you want to get tactile with each surface. In spaces that are not big and have the luxury of walk in pantries, etc, we are creating luxury in a different way that still captures that same impact. It can be just as exciting!

Nicole’s clean, high-quality eye for design stands out in this stunning space.

Thank you, Nicole and Jasmine, for sharing your insider, expert tips with us! We can’t wait to see your insights come to life in 2024. 

If you’re looking to bring these industry-expert tips into a space, like adding warm neutrals and refined, simple details to your kitchen, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’re breaking down easy, functional additions to the kitchen that align with 2024’s top aesthetic trends (with a few twists of our own: can you guess who the main character of the kitchen will be in the new year? Stay tuned . . . )

Choosing the Essential Fixtures: 

With the kitchen as a place where people come and go, it’s important to have the essential fixtures in place to support its multifaceted functions. For example, a deep, farmhouse style sink will make for easy clean up after a dinner party – like Vogt’s Vogranite sinks, with scratch-resistant, satin finishes that will look polished & hold up against daily use far into the future. Plus, the Drau Workstation is an easy addition that will make any kitchen space more efficient, with its built in, easy-to-slide cutting board and strainer. And for easy dish washing, install a faucet with an extendable spout that will make it easy to get into the nooks and crannies of dirty dishes, like Vogt’s Linz Kitchen Faucet with 2-Function Detachable Spray.

The Kitchen Island as the Main Character

[We don’t mean to favour Carinthia; it’s just that this classic collection shines in a luxurious, modern kitchen]. 

2024 is the year of the kitchen island. L-shaped islands and wraparound styles for more comfortable seating are in. This trend speaks to the overall theme of the kitchen as the heart of the home – it’s about centring the island as a place to strategically store key kitchen items (for example, hanging pots and pans from overhead hooks, and adding charging ports to the sides of the island to plug in electronics) while creating a relaxing atmosphere where people feel comfortable gathering together. 

Trend insight alert! Dark marble (that shows wear and tear less than white marble) will be hot next year, as will warm, rich cabinet colours. A dark countertop will pair beautifully with Vogt’s matte black fixtures, like the Amade kitchen faucet, which perfectly complements a deep, rich colour scheme. 

Bringing the Outdoors in 

Making the kitchen feel like an extension of the backyard by incorporating greenery and adding lots of windows for natural light will be big next year. Rich shades of green will also be trending – might we suggest pairing evergreen shades with Vogt’s brushed gold fixtures for an opulent finish? Easy “green” additions also include trendy environmental choices (that are good for the planet and your budget). Focusing on sustainable materials (which you can learn more about in our eco-friendly design blog) will ensure that the key pieces in your kitchen will last for a long time. Pro tip: add an herb garden to the kitchen counter to save money on fresh herbs at the grocery store, while adding a breath of fresh air and life to your space! 

2024’s top kitchen design trends all have one thing in common: making the kitchen an easy-to-use, comfortable focal point. From paying attention to details that everyone will appreciate (thank you, charging stations!) to maximizing kitchen island size for family dinners and adding a touch of “green”, the modern kitchen is open, welcoming and sustainable. To browse for top-of-the-line fixtures for your new space, visit a Vogt retailer near you. 

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