Vogt’s Guide to Home Design: Modern Elegance
Welcome to Vogt’s guide to home design! Over the next three months, we’ll be breaking down three key home aesthetics: modern, traditional, and minimalist interior design. In our first blog of the series, we’re focusing on the process of creating a modern home aesthetic. Modern design is all about clean lines, functionality, and spaces that reflect contemporary living. Contemporary spaces, while deceptively sleek and simple in appearance, require attention to detail in order to come together. In this blog, we’re exploring the key elements of modern interior design, with fresh, creative ideas to help you reflect your own unique personality and taste. 

The Elements of Modern Interior Design

When it comes to modern interiors, think sleek, uncluttered spaces that have a calming atmosphere. A prime example of this is Kim Kardashian's home, a next-level testament to minimalism (billionaire edition).

Kim’s mansion is a gorgeous, dreamy example of a chic, minimalist space.
The Basics of Minimalism

Minimalism is at the heart of modern design. Minimalism entails:

        Clean Lines: Straightforward, unembellished shapes (think sleek curves and parallel lines that are uniform and even – this isn’t the time to get funky with kooky triangular angles).
        Monochromatic Colours: Think whites, blacks and other neutral shades, like cream, beige and grey.
        Streamlined Space: Minimalism focuses on keeping only what you need (but this doesn’t mean that your space should feel like a cold, bare-walled museum! This allows the focus to shift to the space itself, and the carefully chosen furniture and accents, rather than having your eye focus on piles of clutter or excess kitschy objects.

        Bonus: designing with the core tenets of minimalism in mind ensures that your space will be timeless and stylish for years to come. Minimalist, modern interiors are as chic as an evergreen Chanel suit or Birkin bag – they’re always in style. 

        Open Concept Spaces

        Open design plans create an airy, communal feeling that adds a sense of warmth to modern spaces. Think of open-concept kitchens, where you can outfit your space with artistic, streamlined Vogt fixtures like the Drava pot filler and Drau workstation. These pieces (sorry, we mean fixtures - but they would look stunning in a modern art gallery) are essential components of any kitchen, but their aesthetic design makes them stunning additions to the modern kitchen. 
        Keeping your space clear, while prioritizing high-quality fixtures that make an artistic statement, means that the fixtures, pieces and accents you choose to incorporate stand out. It will also make it easier for you to enjoy and move through your space with ease. With an open-concept kitchen, for example, you can fill a pot with water to boil pasta while chatting over your shoulder to friends lounging over glasses of wine at the kitchen island (but they might be too distracted by your gorgeous pot filler to pay attention!)

        The Drau Workstation is a perfect addition to the modern kitchen space. 
        Keep it Simple 

        Open spaces and clean lines are a match made in heaven. Incorporating clean lines in a modern home is all about directing attention to key design elements. For example, maintaining a monochromatic, all-white colour palette in the living room, while leading the eye towards a stunning, statement fireplace, is a way to let the beauty of your home shine without cluttered distractions. Keep this in mind when you consider what you want the focal point of each room, or area of your home, to be!

        Designing a Modern Home
        When it comes to designing a modern home, it’s important to focus on choosing functional elements that add an aesthetic touch to the space. Remember, as per the rules of minimalism, everything should be intentional (this will also help you to not overspend on unnecessary purchases). 
        Focus on purposeful and high-quality pieces when selecting your furniture and fixtures. This description from Elle sums up how to intentionally approach home design: "All of the furniture was purposeful—chairs to comfortably sit in, tables for drinks, hidden window treatments to allow views from this high-story residence, a fireplace to warm. Even the art is simple in composition.

        As seen in 
        To capture the essence of this simple, yet strategic, modern home design, it’s important to select pieces that fuse practical, high-quality performance with elegant artistry. A stunning example that’s perfect for the modern kitchen or bathroom is Vogt’s Mond collection, a unique way to be playful (but still modern) when it comes to faucets and handles. Its customizable colour accents allow you to personalize the base and handles of its fixtures, so your taste and personality can shine through.

        Vogt’s Mond collection is a modern masterpiece that adds a personal and unique element to the space. 

        Pro tip: consider sustainable and innovative materials to add eco-friendly value to your space. Vogt's eco-friendly sinks and water-efficient faucets are gorgeous, high-end statement pieces that happen to be good for the environment as well.

        The Drava faucet subtly infuses this space with a modern touch. 

        How to Personalize a Modern Space

        While modern design values simplicity, it doesn't mean your home has to lack personality. Here are some simple tips to make your clean, modern space feel personal:

        Incorporate sentimental art: To add personal touches in an aesthetic fashion, use gold frames, or a finish that matches the hardware in your home, to display family photos, children's artwork, or postcards. It’s an easy (and cost-effective) way to add thoughtful, warm touches throughout your home.

        Add pops of colour: Even within a monochromatic theme, adding a seasonal throw blanket, like a burgundy velvet blanket draped over a white couch at Christmastime, can give a modern space a cozy, relaxing feel. 
        Opt for light sources that suit your needs: Tailor your lighting to reflect how you like to use your space! Whether you're a family of avid readers or passionate crafters, create inviting and organized spaces with complementary lighting. Cozy reading chairs with overhead lights, or chic desk lamps for your crafting corner, can make your space feel inviting, all while maintaining a modern aesthetic.When it comes to executing your modern design vision, you can curate a calming atmosphere through clean, simple design with warm, inviting touches. Once your vision is set, it’s important to prioritize high-quality, aesthetic fixtures that add functionality and beauty to your space. We recommend exploring luxury kitchen and bathroom fixtures in person, to see how light reflects on the curvature of a brushed gold faucet, to feel the weight of its durable finish. To browse Vogt’s selection of kitchen and bathroom fixtures for your modern home, visit a Vogt retailer near you. 
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