Vogt’s Guide to Home Design: Traditional Style

Welcome to the second instalment of Vogt’s monthly interior design series! This month, we're diving into the world of traditional design; exploring its rich history and offering a guide on how to seamlessly incorporate this timeless style into the modern home. From the opulence of Marie Antoinette's Versailles to Vogt's chic, classic collections, we’re reminiscing on the beauty of the past – while blending it with the versatility of the present.

The Mond Collection reflects the timelessness of this space beautifully

The History of Traditional Design

Traditional design celebrates rich, timeless elegance. Picture opulent colour palettes, like bold reds and golds, coupled with intricate detailing and quality craftsmanship that will withstand the test of time. Key details of traditional design include architectural elements like crown moulding and gilded archways, that evoke a sense of luxury that transcends eras. 

Marie Antointette’s Versaille

Incorporate Traditional Design into the Home 

Having covered the basics of traditional design, let's explore how to breathe life into a modern home while maintaining a traditional design vision. Incorporating traditional design into home can be a fun, creative process that involves harnessing traditional historical inspiration and incorporating it into the reality of your space. 

Below, we’ve outlined some easy tips for how you can bring traditional design into the home!

Keep Colour in Mind

Traditional design is all about maintaining a classic colour palette (with some bold shades thrown in for a surprising, modern twist). Classic colours, from rich burgundies that evoke a sense of traditional royalty to smooth neutrals like cream and soft greys, can be added to your space in a variety of ways: from accent pieces to paint colours.

Pro tip: The Mond Collection provides you with an array of colour options that you can customize to suit the home. 

Lucky for you, we’ve broken down 2024’s top colour trends, doing the work and research for you! Check out our blog to explore how you can incorporate timeless colours in an of-the-moment way.

Crafting a Design Vision

Pinterest is an amazing place to start when it comes to crafting your dream design vision

In order to craft a traditional design vision for the modern home, it’s important to start by visualising your creative ideas in a curated format, like a mood board. Create a mood board – with tactile, physical visuals like pasting magazine clippings in a sketchbook, or digitally by using Pinterest on your iPad – to curate your aesthetic vision. 

You can also source creative inspiration for a traditional design vision by exploring antique shops and vintage stores, to see examples of beautiful, traditional pieces in the wild. Inspiration for traditional home design can come from a variety of sources: art galleries and classic artwork, old movies, museums and more.

The beauty of traditional artwork, architecture and design is no better seen than at The Louvre.

Vogt’s Carinthia collection is a perfect example of a traditional line that embodies classic shapes with modern amenities. With its gilded arches and rich gold finish, the Carinthia collection is reminiscent of Gatsby-era glamour that will infuse any home with a sense of intricate beauty.

The Carinthia Collection embodies traditional design with graceful elegance.

Pay attention to detail 

When it comes to traditional interiors, the design is in the details (see what we did there). Traditional design is ornate and specific; it’s about beautiful architecture and stunning details that create a cohesive, refined vision. 

Vogt’s Zehn collection perfectly captures the beauty of well-executed details. Its 1920s-esque design is deceptively clean and simple – the perfect traditional addition to the modern space.

Gilded gold glamour shines in this kitchen, thanks to the Zehn Collection

Opt for high-quality design 

Vogt’s fixtures are built to last - the cornerstone of true traditional design. Our array of options offers a variety of styles, textures and tones to choose from, giving you the creative power to select your dream pieces to outfit your traditional space. 

When it comes to traditional design, focus on high-quality fixtures, beautiful details and historical touches to make your space shine. For more design inspiration, check out our blog!

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